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HOWTO Fix a Windows Update Reboot Loop

HOWTO: Set up iDRAC on a Dell Server

Setting up iDRAC on a Dell Server is one of the many processes where we facilitate support to our customers. With it, you can perform diagnostics on a server even if you can’t log into it or if it’s powered off. One of our technicians has found the best practice for setting up iDRAC on […]

HOWTO: Fix DFSR Replication Issue

SOLVED: File Explorer Unresponsive with Windows 10


Are you having trouble with File Explorer? Do you have the Windows 10 upgraded feature pack? At Acumen, one of our technicians was experiencing a problem with the new feature, too, so he found a solution. But first, let’s describe the problem: Problem: After upgrading Windows 10 to a new feature pack, the quick access […]

HOWTO Send Email from an Additional Exchange Address

Problem: One of our technicians was having trouble sending an email from an additional Exchange address. Acumen Consulting owns the domain but didn’t have it in the Exchange Server. Our Acumen technician found this solution to the problem. Exchange Solution: The solution that will solve the problem permanently is to setup an authoritative domain in […]

HOWTO Fix Slow Opening/Delayed MS Office Files

Here at Acumen Consulting, our technicians are finding and solving problems on a daily basis, and this week, the issue was with MS Office. Recently, one of our Network Administration technicians came across an issue with opening Microsoft Word and Excel files. While he was able to open the files, they were taking more than […]