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Create Outlook Form and Open with Macro

I have some regular emails I send and I don’t like having to go to the Developer Tab, click Choose Form, Choose User Templates in File System, and then double-click the form in question. That’s way too many steps for this lazy user.

There is some very simple VBA code that will do this and then you can add the button to a Custom Tab. Here’s how.

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Outlook Categories Automatically Collapsed


Outlook Categories
Outlook Categories

Recently I switched away from folders to Outlook Categories 2010 because it gives me the ability to categorize a message multiple times rather than having copies of the same message in different folders. I then Grouped my Inbox by Category and then Received. My only problem with this system was the tendency of Outlook to expand all the categories if I went to another folder and returned to my Inbox. I found an easy solution!

Outlook Categories Solution:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click View Tab
  3. Then click View Settings (in the Current View Group)
  4. Next, click Group By button
  5. In the lower right corner click the Expand/Collapse defaults: drop-down
  6. Choose All Collapsed
  7. Click OK


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