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What to Expect from our
Network Design Services


    We help manage your system so that your employees are constantly connected, can access the data they need, and can easily work together. Our network engineers can design your multi-access point network for high speed and consistent connection quality.


    For computer networks and systems to perform at their best, we provide periodic maintenance, upgrades, and configuration improvements. A Network System Assessment, focused on network performance and network traffic, is used to ensure that the right performance improvements are made.

    A completed network system assessment serves as the foundation on which we make recommendations to clients for changes, upgrades and budgeting.


    At Acumen, we employ a world-class staff to ensure your network needs are met with efficiency and speed. Each technician has been hand-picked so that we have a vast array of skills and experience on our team.

    Acumen technicians work with complex network environments involving router configuration, VLAN design, firewall configuration, content filtering, network performance issues, web usage reporting, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) quality issues.

 Network Analyzer Tools

 Network Design Services

  • Network Device & Computer Systems Discover

    Active and passive network analyzers help us find software and devices on your systems. An accurate inventory of your network devices is vital for management purposes.

  • Networking Performance, Health Monitoring & Reporting

    Our network analyzer tools establish a baseline of normal network performance parameters. If there is an issue, we can refer to that baseline to quickly find the source of the problem.  Troubleshooting is expedited even in an emergency situation.

  • Network Support Documentation - Creation & Upkeep

    Once we use our network analyzer to determine the status of your network, we document all network support issues.  If they recur, it is much easier to diagnose and solve the problem.

  • Network Device and System Diagrams

    Having an up-to-date device and systems diagram as a reference is key in being able to restore a system from any failure. Longer down times equate directly to lost revenue.

    The more information available to our technicians, the faster we can get you up and running.

  • Computer Software Compliance Audits & Reporting

    Our professional network analyzer tool helps give us a complete picture of your hardware, network, and software systems.

    You don’t want to pay for software licenses you’re not using.  The network analyzer determines your various software usages and allows for the streamlining of the licensing process.

  • Microsoft Windows Domain (Active Directory) Health Review & Reporting

    The Active Directory’s health is vital to your entire system. Using a network analyzer to review and report on what is going on with regularity will greatly reduce your chance for catastrophic failure.

    We are happy to use our network tools to find out exactly what is going on with your system. Then, if something does happen later, we’ll be in position to help you immediately.

  • Microsoft Application Best Practices Review, Reporting & Implementation

    A good network analyzer helps us understand which applications are being used so that we can help you make important business decisions.

  • Network Security

    • Content filtering
    • Firewall management
    • Access control lists
    • Dedicated VPNs
    • Gateway-based antivirus
    • Port forwarding
  • High Performance Networking

    • 10 gigabit networking
    • SNMP monitoring
    • Load balancing
  • Wireless Networks

    Our network engineers design multi-access point networks for high speed and consistent connection quality.

  • Storage Area Networks

    • Fibre channel switching
    • 10 gigabit networking
  • Router Configuration

    • ISP and Telecom cutover
    • Multiple facility routing
  • Managed Switches

    • Managed switches
    • Advanced features
    • SNMP monitoring
    • Virtual LANs
  • High Density Switches

    High density switches with stacking capability allow for central management of a large number of ports.

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Storage Systems

  • Physical Servers

  • Virtual Servers

  • Microsoft Windows Domain

  • File & Print Sharing

  • Web Applications

  • Databases

  • Central Management Servers

  • Citrix Terminal Servers

  • Desktop Workstations

  • Thin-Client Workstations

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