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At Acumen, we provide a broad range of Information Technology & Managed Services for businesses both large and small.  We have an exceptional breadth of experience and believe in providing good value for a reasonable price.  We help you focus on your business, not your computer systems.


Let us take the guesswork out of your IT.  Our expert technicians provide helpful, friendly, timely solutions so you can get back to business.

Contact us for a consultation.


We have a dedicated call center staff ready to provide fast service and find long-term solutions. With a dedicated Help Desk, and specific technology specialists, we can get you to the right computer solution fast and efficiently.

Our technical staff is ready to help you right now.


At Acumen, we employ a world-class staff of experts to ensure your business needs are met with efficiency and speed. Our technicians receive constant education and cross-training. We’ll find a solution and we’ll find it fast.

As an Information Technology & Managed Services Provider, our team is here to ensure your success.


I don’t expect everything to be perfect but I expect informed, honest answers and technology support that works. That’s what I get with Acumen.

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Emergency Preparedness

When an IT support emergency happens your support team must know your equipment.

Every second counts. I’m not kidding. Every second.

It’s great to have a local computer services technician who knows the system, but in-house staff don’t face the broad array of IT problems that a field technician will encounter. Not only will we help your team but we keep records to ensure our engineers are ready for the next IT Support emergency and don’t have to be brought up to speed.


For every computer service call our network technicians complete a Service Order detailing all tasks performed. This document requires a signature by an authorized company representative.

We recommend meeting monthly with select members of your management team to facilitate planning and review of the computer services performed.

At your request, our techs will explain any activity they perform to your in-house staff.


Acumen maintains detailed records about your computer systems, in addition to our service logs. We will discuss your situation with you and determine what information you need to have available.

Don’t waste time remembering computer configuration settings. The information you need, when you need it.

If high accessibility is necessary, records can be made available via the Internet. Confidentiality agreements are always provided.

As a Managed Services Provider, Acumen Consulting functions as a strategic partner providing very advanced information technology services. We bring more than just a set of tools to manage your network with a wide array of best practices and an understanding of the value of technology to a business.

We provide proactive management, constant system review, and help desk services that assures that your equipment is ready to go.  You have a service operations center of computer staff at your disposal, your own Managed Services Provider.

Our qualified technicians will work with you to evaluate your needs. Just call or fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.


Assessments provide a clear picture of your current network.

Our MSP assessment serves as the foundation on which we make recommendations to you for future upgrades and IT financial budgeting.

* Review Servers
* Analyze Workstations
* Review user and network security
* Review firewall configuration

Network Setup

* Install, fix, and verify offsite backup
* Install, fix, and verify antivirus system
* Setup and verify firewall security systems

Network System Monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 automated monitoring and recovery services.

Acumen is a managed services provider that understands networking monitoring.

NOC Managed

Our Managed Services Operations Center keeps an eye on your systems:

  • Virus status analysis
  • Microsoft updates
  • Third party software updates
  • Help Desk support
  • Event log review

Help Desk Support

* Troubleshoot problem areas
* Provide timely emergency services
* Archive your vital data
* Install software
* Configure your systems
* Configure network users
* Set up user levels and create permission groups
* Set passwords
* Configure email
* Set up email accounts, passwords, and permissions
* Replace computers
* Transfer data
* Update computer history documentation
* Clear out unnecessary files
* Scan disk for optimum performance
* Defragment drives

This is the sort of everyday monotony that gets lost in the hustle of running your business. Let Acumen Consulting, your Managed Services Provider, keep things running smoothly.

Information Technology & Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Provider Specialties

Acumen provides system consulting, design and expansion, upgrades and security, new server installations, redundancy systems, industry specific software issues, wireless networks, Virtual Private Network setup, terminal services setup, remote access setup, data recovery, automate business procedures, assessment services, data backup and recovery, and virtualization.

Fixed Budgets

We offer one monthly fee that fits your budget. No more guessing how much you’ll have to spend each month.

When your computer count goes up or down, your bill is automatically adjusted.

Specialized Expertise

We have a wide area of specialties and our expert managed services technicians can help with almost any network issue that arises.

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