Acumen Proudly Supports E-Rate Program

At Acumen, we believe it’s important to prepare students for every learning opportunity that crosses their path. E-rate programs make that possible.
Our business has been a proud supporter of ERate for more than three years. The E-Rate program, a service executed through the Universal Administrative Company (USAC), gives schools and libraries the privilege to stay current and up-to-date with 21st century technology.
The government-funded program allows eligible U.S. K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to receive modern technology services, such as data solutions, cloud-based communications, WiFi access, voice and audio equipment, and email security.
We are an approved ERate service provider, which has given us the opportunity to participate in the program in the Midwest region. We have partnered with thousands of eligible schools and libraries to ensure they are equipped with next-generation technology. With discounts ranging from 20-90%, learning establishments are able to maximize every dollar in limited IT budgets.

Eligible E-Rate Technology Provided by Your St. Louis IT Experts 

The services we offer include:

VoIP systems

Voice over Internet Protocol is a way for school and library phone systems to connect through a single Internet connection. This system makes for a more collaborative school district by optimizing bandwidth utilization and network performance.

Cloud Services

Our cloud computing services assure that schools and libraries can access data services on a single platform. We also offer cloud hosting, which means school and library information is stored on multiple servers in multiple locations. That way, if there’s an outage, important information is safe.

Network Security

Pertinent documents are kept on the hardware of school and library computers. That’s why we provide these eligible learning establishments with top of the line security applications.

WiFi Access

Our Wifi services give students and teachers the opportunity to take full advantage of the World Wide Web. Teachers can communicate with parents more effectively while students have a wide range of access to e-books, study tools and learning sites.

Router Management

A dependable router is essential for school and library networks to run smoothly. This device allows data packets to forward data between computer networks. That way, school and library administration can view various pages and communicate efficiently.

Connecting, Creating & Educating

By being an approved service provider for the E-rate program, we are able to educate students and faculty on rapid-changing technology. Our services create a collaborative learning environment to assure that students succeed and have fun doing it. We’re proud to continue our educational journey with the ERate program in the Midwest region.