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Acumen is an E-Rate Approved Service Provider

We proudly support the E-Rate program, because we believe it’s important to prepare students for every learning opportunity that crosses their path. E-rate programs make that possible.

The E-Rate program, a service executed through the Universal Administrative Company (USAC), gives schools and libraries the privilege to stay up-to-date with 21st century technology.

This government-funded program allows eligible K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to receive modern technology services.

We are an approved E-Rate service provider, which has given us the opportunity to participate in the program in the Midwest region.  With discounts ranging from 20-90%, eligible schools and libraries are able to maximize every dollar in their limited IT budgets to get equipped with next-generation technology.

E-Rate Technology Services provided by Acumen IT Experts:

Category Two Services

Internal Connections and Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS)
  • Internal Connections

    Includes eligible products, such as access points, routers, switches, hubs, and wiring that are located at the applicant site and must be necessary to transport information to classrooms or publicly accessible areas of a library.*

  • Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS)

    Services provided by a third party for the operation, management, and monitoring of eligible broadband internal connections components are eligible MIBS (e.g., managed Wi-Fi). Program support is limited to eligible expenses or portions of expenses that directly support and are necessary for the broadband connectivity within schools and libraries.*

  • WiFi Access

    Our WiFi services give students and teachers the opportunity to take full advantage of the World Wide Web to develop 21st century skills and access e-books, study tools and learning sites.

    The FCC now recommends a minimum download speed of 5-25 Mbps per student for optimal performance.

  • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (BMIC)

    BMIC covers the repair and upkeep of eligible internal connections. Eligible repair and upkeep services include hardware, wiring, and cable maintenance, along with basic technical support and configuration changes. The products must be eligible for discounts in order for their associated repair and upkeep services to be eligible.

    In general, applicants may only receive support for actual work performed under contract on eligible products and parts that are repaired or replaced. Unbundled warranties or fixed price contracts are not eligible for reimbursement, unless the ineligible portions of the warranty or contract can be cost-allocated.

    Services such as software upgrades and patches, (including bug fixes and security patches), and online and telephone-based technical assistance and tools that are typically standard fixed priced offerings will continue to be funded as BMIC if the service or equipment would only function and serve its intended purpose with the degree of reliability ordinarily provided with these specific services.*


Technology Education & Training

Once we have upgraded your technology, our commitment to you doesn’t end.  We will educate students and faculty on the new and rapidly changing technology.  Acumen creates a collaborative learning environment to assure that students and staff succeed and have fun doing it.

We’re proud to continue our educational journey with the E-Rate program in the Midwest region.

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