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If you’ve ever had a computer catastrophically fail and been unable to recover the hard drive, then you know the importance of backups and system imaging. System imaging of your computers aids in data recovery in the event of damaged servers or workstations. The basic concept is that a system image is taken of a computer in an ideal state and if disaster happens, it can be recovered quickly and easily.

 System Imaging & Recovery Technology


The Ghost Solution Suite drive image tool is designed to help companies ensure their computers can be restored from catastrophic failure. The concept is simple enough. A drive image or disc images is created of a computer when it is in perfect working order, a “gold” computer. Then, if something happens to that computer, the image is pushed or cloned back onto the computer in as little as ten minutes.

With the Ghost Solution Suite, a disc image can be created on a schedule so that you do not have to manually make a drive image every time your gold computer changes. This is particularly handy when you have multiple gold computers with different configurations. It’s a simple concept with extremely powerful implications.

Ghost Solution suite 2.5 is great for large scale deployment of disk images to multiple machines at once but it can also be used as a simple backup tool for your files or entire computer.


Microsoft created MDT to make image creation, image management, and image deployment much easier.

MDT provides the ability to add software installations, device drivers, and updates to your image sets, saving time and resources.

This tool is at the heart of your network and helps administrators keep track of all mission critical tasks so that you can go about the business of doing business.


    Microsoft’s powerful System Center Configuration Manager provides large volume and scale imaging automation.

    Microsoft System Center provides a comprehensive solution for change and configuration management for the Microsoft platform. What does that mean? It means your IT team, or ours, can easily understand what is doing on with your network. They can update systems, set defaults, manage licenses or do any of the other myriad of tasks required to keep your network up and running efficiently.

    Microsoft System Center lets you perform tasks such as deploying operating systems, software applications, and software updates, monitoring and remediating computers for compliance settings, monitoring hardware and software inventory, and remotely administering computers.

  • System Center Operations Manager

    System Center Operations Manager helps administrators who have experience working within a Windows Active Directory domain environment and have a good understanding of Windows Server based network services.

  • System Center Data Protection Manager

    Your data is vital and Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a great solution.

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