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Routers and Switches are devices that forward data packets between computer networks. It sounds complicated, but they basically allow computers to communicate with one another. This enables you to view the internet and send and receive emails and other communications. Routers and Switches are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and getting them configured properly is one of the most important factors when making sure your network is running efficiently.

There are many kinds of routers and switches. Some have tremendous power and others are designed for smaller networks. You don’t want too much or too little. We’ll help you plan for a new system or an upgrade of your old network.

We will make sure your routers and switches get installed and configured properly. A few settings that aren’t optimized can make a big difference in your network performance.

About our Routers & Switches Services

We configure, install, troubleshoot, and maintain routers and switches. We will plan and install an entirely new, custom system for you or simply troubleshoot your existing network.

  • Data Security

    Routers are a huge consideration when it comes to your security strategy. Separate from the router may be a firewall or VPN handling device, or the router may include these and other security functions.

  • Access Routers

    Access routers are located at customer sites that do not need hierarchical routing of their own.

  • Distribution Routers

    Distribution routers aggregate traffic from multiple access routers, either at the same site, or to collect the data streams from multiple sites.

  • Core Routers

    A core router is for the largest enterprise locations. These are optimized for high bandwidth.

    With a core router, there are a number of options, and making the right configuration choices is important.

Routers & Switches

Your data has to get from one place on your computer network to another location correctly and quickly. That’s routing. Cisco Routers are one of primary tools used to accomplish this vital computer network task and our technicians can help you get your Cisco Routers up and running properly. We will ensure your Cisco router setup is optimized for your network.

Acumen installs new Cisco routers and troubleshoots existing configuration issues and system upgrades.

To get your network running at peak efficiency, call Acumen today.

  • Cisco Branch Routers

    Cisco Branch routers are cutting edge tools used to let your computer network to connect to the cloud.

    When you are ready to upgrade, our technicians will ease the transition.

  • Service Provider Edge Routers

    If you are looking to deploy new services that generate revenue—and reduce expenses—take full advantage of the modular, intelligent architecture of the Cisco routers. We can help configure your Cisco routers for optimum performance.

    We can also provide support for Cisco aggregation service routers. Call today to find out more!

  • Small Business Routers

    Reliable performance in a compact form ideal for small to mid-size businesses.  Enterprise-grade firewall and security with VLAN and VPN support.

  • Data Center Interconnect

    The Cisco Data Center Interconnect solution is optimized for high density. Deployed with a single operating system across both routing and optical layers, the solution has a small footprint and is delivered with a unified management system.

    • Cost effectively scale bandwidth with data center WAN solutions that offer high resiliency and low latency.
    • Simplify your traffic engineering with segment routing technology.
    • Scale your campus, enterprise, disaster recovery, and co-location data center connections.
    • Accelerate bandwidth and network provisioning with automation.
    • Lower your power, cooling, and capital expenditures.

    Cisco Data Center Interconnect

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