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  • What is VoIP?

    VoIP Phone Systems (also known as Voice-over IP) allow office phones to connect over Ethernet cable instead of dedicated phone wires.

    Acumen is an experienced VoIP Phone Systems installer in the St Louis region.


    Modern phone systems provide a significant cost saving over legacy PBX systems.  With SIP-based Internet voice services, you can reduce your phone bill by over 50%.  Monthly service savings can pay for a new VoIP phone system within 12 months.  Ask us to show you how you can save.


    • Rapid extension changes
    • Automated attendants
    • Call groups
    • Special forwarding rules

    We can help with complex configurations and sound issues, VLAN configuration, QoS configuration (Quality of Service), and Power over Ethernet (PoE).


    Our technicians will take care of all of your 3CX phone system issues and provide continuous support and troubleshooting for your VoIP network. We can also help you set up ring groups, auto attendant (digital receptionist) configuration, mobility concerns, and call center management, as well as training for your staff on use of the system.

3CX VoIP Phone Systems

Your staff are likely juggling random video apps and personal cell phones. What if you could boost customer service and make it easier for staff – all while saving money? With 3CX, you’ll have a full-featured phone system – call queues, built-in video calls, web conferencing and more. In addition, you can integrate website live chat, Facebook and text messages all in one system. All these features are remote-friendly; your team can use them from anywhere via mobile and browser apps. It’s also open-platform and fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks. 3CX scales with your business and remains cost effective!

3CX is the number one Windows-based IP PBX.  They provide a simple VoIP phone system for businesses with a wide range of features. 3CX Phones are Windows- or Linux-based VoIP phone systems.  They have built an easy to manage system that takes the complexity out of phone system configuration.

  • Supported Systems

    3CX supports all the major VoIP phone systems, including Grandstream, Yealink, Snom, and 3CX softphone.

    The flexibility of 3CX is one of its best features.

  • Everything Your Team Needs

    • Use office extensions on iOS & Android apps for remote work.
    • Empower your team. Keep in touch via video, chat & phone.
    • App-free web conferencing. Meet with clients face-to-face.
    • Live chat on your website. Let visitors get in touch, easily.
  • One System. All Channels.

    • Manage calls efficiently. Advanced queue features.
    • Connect Facebook and SMS. Answer customer messages from 3CX.
    • Live chat with website visitors. Easily switch to a call or video.
    • CRM integration. Track all client info synced and up-to-date.
  • Super Affordable

    • Save up to 80% on monthly PBX fees. Free for unlimited users!
    • Save thousands on calls with your choice of SIP trunk.
  • Microsoft Exchange Outlook Integration

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange 2010 feature unified messaging capabilities that can be fully integrated with 3CX Phone System for Windows.

    With this integration, the 3CX IVR system is replaced by the voice mail server and auto attendant system included in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 / 2010.

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