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HOWTO: Enable Call Control for Sennheiser headset

We have had trouble getting the Sennheiser OfficeRunner to do Call Control for 3CX from the headset. Call Control for 3CX Setup 3CX version 12, 14, 15 Yealink T46G with EHS36 Sennheiser OfficeRunner (DW) 3CXPhone We tried the very complicated updates to the T46G and EHS36 without success. The following procedure allows answering the phone […]

Chrome, IE, FF slow Performance with Video

Problem: I recently had a computer that would hang for long periods whenever it encountered a video file, generally Shockwave. The behavior was cross-browser effecting Internet Explorer, Chrome, and FireFox. As a result, I tried fiddling with various settings in all three tools with no results. Finally I simply uninstalled Adobe Shockwave and went to […]

mod_evasive doesn’t work with current Apache

Starting with Apache 2.4.1, mod_evasive stores the violation counts PER CHILD. Attackers don’t hit the same child enough times in the time interval to trip the system. This article describes why mod_evasive is no longer useful in modern apache implementations.

HOWTO: Update WP Plugins without File Transfer Protocal

In the interest of security we moved many of our websites to a new server and found that plugins suddenly refused to update without File Transfer Protocal credentials. This was obviously fine when wanted to do the updates and knew the FTP credentials but presented a problem because we like to encourage our clients to perform […]

The Effect of Solid State Disks on Processor Usage

I am now encountering servers and client computers that have solid state disks (SSDs). My experience is showing that this sometimes causes improper analysis of performance measures through Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) and Resource Monitor (accessible through the Resource Monitor button on the Performance table of Task Manager). In the past, poor interactive response time of […]

PRTG – Exception from HRESULT: 0x8024402

PRTG Keywords Paessler PRTG System Monitoring Sensor Windows Update powershell Problem/Error Message Exception from HRESULT: 0x8024402C Cause This PRTG error occurs if the monitored server has a bad DNS address you will receive this error. This is typically a local Windows Active Directory domain. Resolution Ensure that all DNS addresses used on the monitored server […]

HOWTO: Upgrade firmware on Sennheiser OfficeRunner

Sennheiser OfficeRunner     It can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to update your firmware when working with a Sennheiser OfficeRunner headset but it’s really quite simple once you know the steps. Plugin the headset base to your computer using a USB cable Download and install the Sennheiser HeadSetup software. Right-click the new […]

Password change on Cisco 3550 Switch

While troubleshooting a switch for a client I wanted to change the configuration register of the switch to boot from a different location. The “show version” command shows that the configuration register is located at 0x10F which is strange considering it is different than any other switch I’ve seen. After much googling I found that […]

Sonicwall Gateway Antivirus Causes Slow Downloads

  HOWTO: Speed up Sonicwall Downloads We found that our Sonicwall would cause all downloads to start very fast, slow down quickly, and eventually stop. This occurred with major corporate download sites. The download went to low KB/s before dying. A download time estimate would indicate hours and days remaining. We discovered that turning off […]

Problems with Hosted Network

Known Personal Area Network / WiFi Sharing problems: Connectify Windows has encountered an error initializing hostednetwork. (CF001006) Virtual Router Error netsh wlan start hostednetwork The hosted network couldn’t be started. A device attached to the system is not functioning. Cause The problem is caused when VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1 / VMnet0 (from VMware […]


Chrome Full Screen Alt-Tab Closes Window

Our computer support team noticed an annoying bug in the latest version of Chrome. When trying to view full screen windows for streaming applications or just in general. Normally when in Full Screen view a Windows user can press Alt-Tab to switch to another window. With the new version of Chrome this causes the Full […]

Google Chat with Pidgin Broken

Problem We recently had some network issues which caused the Pidgin Universal Chat, or Google Chat, client to break. Help at the Pidgin site produced the answer but I thought I’d give the short version here without you having to search through their FAQ as did I. Google Chat Solution Start Pidgin Show Buddy List […]

SOLVED: DCPromo Config Wizard Site List

When running dcpromo on Windows Server 2012 in a new site in an existing domain, the Site Name dropdown is empty.  When any page in the wizard is incomplete, you cannot continue.  This post found a resolution. When you run dcpromo, you begin to see the “Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard.  This wizard automatically […]

Create Outlook Form and Open with Macro

I have some regular emails I send and I don’t like having to go to the Developer Tab, click Choose Form, Choose User Templates in File System, and then double-click the form in question. That’s way too many steps for this lazy user.

There is some very simple VBA code that will do this and then you can add the button to a Custom Tab. Here’s how.


Excel Footer Images Overlap Text

It is not uncommon to use an image file for a header or footer in Excel. Sometimes these are fairly large images that you want to spill out of the header or footer region and into the text. In both cases the images seems to appear behind the text but when the image is in a footer and you go to print the image is actually covering the text on the spreadsheet. This is not a problem with the header. There is no real solution but I’ve found partial workaround.

Outlook Search Calendar with Note Field

Outlook Calendar: One of my co-workers was recently searching the Outlook Calendar of another co-worker and wanted to see the notes field associated with that particular appointment. I said, easy; just add the Note field to the search result columns. Turns out it wasn’t so easy. It actually is sort of easy but not particularly […]

Outlook 2010 AT&T Conferencing Add-In Breaks Open Next Item

One of our clients recently found that the option in Outlook that automatically opens the next item in the mail folder when you delete or move the item you are currently looking at stopped working. We traced the problem to the AT&T Conferencing Add-In. It is a known issue but I couldn’t find any solutions […]

Citrix XenApp Apps Slow to Start on Android

Problem This App works fine on PC, Mac, and iPad. But it’s very slow to start on Android.  The start time can be several minutes.  In some cases, the App will fail to start due to a timeout. XenApp Resolution Many people suggest to disable Session Reliability, but fail to state how this is done. […]

Troubleshooting Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (UCSPE)

Cisco UCS Troubleshooting How to resolve “Error while running VM security tool”, “Please perform re-stamping”, and other problems. Cisco UCS Solution: First, the login for UCSPE is config/config Error while running VM security tool When activating the VM for the Emulator in vmware Workstation 9 you  receive “Error while running VM security tool”  and “Please […]


Outlook Categories Automatically Collapsed

Recently I switched away from folders to Categories in Outlook 2010 because it gives me the ability to categorize a message multiple times rather than having copies of the same message in different folders. I then Grouped my Inbox by Category and then Received. My only problem with this system was the tendency of Outlook to expand all the categories if I went to another folder and returned to my Inbox. I found an easy solution!

SOLVED: WinPCap on Windows 2012, 8

Problem WinPCap 4.1.2 is required by Wireshark, but is difficult to install on Windows 8.  It give an error that it cannot be installed on this version of Windows.  This message is misleading and inaccurate.  WinPCap can be installed on Windows 8. The error message is a common Windows message and the common resolution is […]


SOLVED: Removing Failed File from Failover Clustering

If you use Windows Failover Clustering and use a File Share Witness as your quorum configuration, you might have a situation in which you have removed your server that had contained the file share without first removing it from the cluster. In this case you find out two things: one, your cluster has lost its failover protection, and two, you can’t easily remove the failed file share witness (FSW).

Windows 7 Phone – Setup Incomplete

Window 7 Phone Problem: Recently, I was issued a new Windows 7 phone.  Being the owner of one previously, I was already familiar with the OS and had a Windows Live ID that I entered when the sales rep asked me. The phone was just out of the box, and as soon as I entered […]