Chrome, IE, FF slow Performance with Video



I recently had a computer that would hang for long periods whenever it encountered a video file, generally Shockwave.

The behavior was cross-browser effecting Internet Explorer, Chrome, and FireFox. As a result, I tried fiddling with various settings in all three tools with no results.

Finally I simply uninstalled Adobe Shockwave and went to the site and reinstalled it. Problem solved.

Anyway, I thought others might be experiencing the same thing and didn’t want you to waste your time with all sorts of fix attempts when such an easy solution is available. For those who don’t know how to Add and Remove Programs it’s very easy:

Video Solution:

  1. Close all your browsers.
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Add/Remove Programs
  4. Click Adobe Shockwave
  5. Change/Uninstall (this uninstalls the program)
  6. Open Browser
  7. Type Shockwave in a search.
  8. Download
  9. Install.

Enjoy your browsing!


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To learn more about Adobe Shoackwave, visit their site by clicking on the link below:

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