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3CX is an open-standard, software based IP phone system that is accessible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks. A complete Unified Communications solution, this top of the line VoIP phone system is perfect for a business environment. It’s easy to use and compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Android and iPhone. 3CX also has a number of features, such as web conferencing and presence.

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HOWTO: Enable Call Control for Sennheiser headset


We have had trouble getting the Sennheiser OfficeRunner to do Call Control for 3CX from the headset.

Call Control for 3CX

Call Control for 3CX Setup

  • 3CX version 12, 14, 15
  • Yealink T46G with EHS36
  • Sennheiser OfficeRunner (DW)
  • 3CXPhone

We tried the very complicated updates to the T46G and EHS36 without success.

The following procedure allows answering the phone with the headset button with EITHER the T46G/EHS36 OR 3CXPhone(using the OfficeRunner directly without a phone – the OfficeRunner is the microphone and speakers).

To make this work:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest Headsetup – 6.0.1902+
  3. Download the latest 3CX plugin – 1.1.2206+
  4. In Headsetup, select the 3CX softphone.

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How to upgrade the firmware on a Sennheiser OfficeRunner

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There is no information on the internet on how to upgrade the firmware on a Sennheiser OfficeRunner. All available information is on the DW series, which does not apply to the OfficeRunner.

You can upgrade the firmware using the Sennheiser HeadSetup software that is normally used to connect the OfficeRunner to a softphone such as the 3CX IP PBX softphone.


  1. Download and install the Sennheiser HeadSetup software.
  2. Right-click the new HeadSetup tray icon and select Open.
  3. Click the Updates tab.
  4. Click the Check for update button.
  5. This process will also validate your current firmware version.

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