Outlook 2010 AT&T Conferencing Add-In Breaks Open Next Item

One of our clients recently found that the option in Outlook that automatically opens the next item in the mail folder when you delete or move the item you are currently looking at stopped working. We traced the problem to the AT&T Conferencing Add-In. It is a known issue but I couldn’t find any solutions online other than to remove the Add-In and live without it. Thanks to a helpful AT&T Representative we have a real solution!

We need to remove the old version of the tool and install the new version. The steps below detail this process.

  1. Remove the current AT&T Conference Add-in
    1. File Tab
    2. Options
    3. Add-Ins
    4. Com-Add-In Go Button
    5. Select the ATT Conferencing for Outlook
    6. Click Remove button
    7. Ok back to main Outlook screen
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Download the new version of the tool (AT&T has it released but not publicly, it works, I tested it)
    1. New AT&T Conferencing Add-In
    2. Download to a spot on your computer (desktop usually)
    3. When it finishes go to downloaded file and double-click
    4. Let it do its job, it might take a few minutes
  4. Restart Outlook
  5. Confirm your setting is still on Open Next Item
  6. All should be well!

For answers to application problems like this you can always call out Network Support Team or our Contact Us.

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