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For the longest time I’ve been battling an issue with a client where one of the users had issues with a R2 remote app. Multiple people used the remote app but only one user had an issue. She complained that it took over 20 minutes for the remote app to load when she clicked the .rdp shortcut on her desktop. It would open a new window that was a black screen and take forever to load up the app.

I tried updating the remote app server, remaking her shortcut, and even trying the connection from a different network, all to no avail.

R2 Remote App Solution:

I finally stumbled on a kb article that contained a hotfix for a problem similar to mine. I installed the hotfix on the server and it finally fixed her problem.

The issue started after her remote app locked up. She closed it and immediately opened a new session by clicking the .rdp shortcut. It locked up again and she repeated this process multiple times. From this point on, she always experienced the black screen with long load times. The kb article states that this process can cause the issue but at random. The issue is more likely to occur with slow connections, especially WAN based connections.

Here is KB 981156


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