SOLVED System Center Unified Installer with SQL Server 2008 R2

Unified InstallerMicrosoft Unified Installer

The installer instructions completely ignore the fact that you can’t just download SP1 and CU4 and put them in folders.

You will get “Invalid Location”.

Unified Installer Solution:

To fix this, you must decompress the download file. It is a .exe file.

It is self-extracting.

But you still aren’t done. The decompressed download file will create another .exe.

If you try to run this one, it will start to install SP1 / CU4. DO NOT LET IT INSTALL.

Try renaming this to setup.exe.

This will fix the Invalid File Location and replaced it with File Version Invalid Needs: 10.50.2900 Actual: 10.51.2900)

It was completely misleading.

Use a tool like 7-zip to extract the .exe file. This will put a setup.exe file in the folder. THIS file is the one that Unified Installer looks for.

Stop cursing and move on.

See our System Center Page for more information!

For additional help, visit Microsoft’s Unified Installer support page by clicking the link below:

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