Windows 7 Phone – Setup Incomplete

Windows 7 Phone

Window 7 Phone Problem:

Recently, I was issued a new Windows 7 phone.  Being the owner of one previously, I was already familiar with the OS and had a Windows Live ID that I entered when the sales rep asked me.

The phone was just out of the box, and as soon as I entered my information, the battery died.  After attaching it to the A/C adapter, the phone came on and acted the way I expected it to with no additional setup questions.

The issue arose when I attempted to connect it to my PC in order to install the updates to it.  The Zune software recognized the phone, but soon prompted me with “Phone Setup Incomplete. When you’re ready, disconnect from the computer and complete the remaining steps on the phone.”  When I unplugged my phone, there were no additional prompts on the phone.  Reconnecting to the PC yielded the same result, as did

Windows 7 Phone Solution:

· Connecting to another PC running the Zune software

· Soft-reboot the phone (shutting it down via the power button)

· Hard-reboot the phone (removing the battery)

Now, in the meantime, the phone was is all other ways operating properly.  It was syncing apps that I had downloaded onto my other phone via my Windows ID account.  It called out and connected to our WIFI and so on.  All that was missing was the ability to connect to the Zune software (which, in addition to synching media, is the Windows Phone 7 method of installing updates).

The final solution was to take the phone settings back to factory.  I did this on the phone by going to Settings -> about and then selecting “reset your phone.”  After that, the phone prompted me for my Windows ID again as it started back from the beginning.  Upon attaching the phone to my PC, updates started and a couple of hours later, my phone was done and I was back in business with it.

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