Sharepoint 2007 Document Library Files Missing


Missing Library Files

If you are missing library files as if they’ve been deleted, first check the recycle bin.

All instructions are for SharePoint 2007. Different versions will require different instructions.

  1. From the top-level site select “site actions”, click “site settings”, click “modify all site settings”
  2. Click “Recycle Bin” under “site central administration”
  3. Make sure to check the end user recycle bin and the “deleted from end user recycle bin”

Next make sure the View wasn’t altered to Filter for an item that doesn’t exist.

  1. Go to the List in Question
  2. From the View drop-down choose Modify this View
  3. Scroll down to the Filters Section
  4. Verify that Show all items in this view is selected

If the documents are not listed in the recycle bin or filtered to not appear it’s possible that the view has become corrupted.

Missing Library Files Solution:

You should create a new view for the document library and make it the default view.

  1. Go to the List in Question
  2. From the View drop-down choose Create View
  3. Name the View as desired
  4. Make it the default view
  5. Save the view

If your documents are now visible then you will want to go back and delete the corrupted view.

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