SCCM 2012 and Its Version of Trace32

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In System Center Configuration Manager 2007, one of the handiest tools that came from the downloadable SCCM Toolkit was Trace32.exe.  This is a viewer for .log files that, by default, highlights warnings and errors.  It’s a pretty nifty tool and quite handy for searching through the copious log files that SCCM generates.

Trace32 Solution

For SCCM 2012, Microsoft thought ahead and put the new version of the tool onto the install disk (albeit with a small name change).  It is located at rootSMSSETUPTOOLSCMTrace.exe.

The new CMTrace acts pretty much like Trace32 did.

But when it comes to the log files created by SCCM 2012, it does have some issues reading some of the data.

I recommend copying it to your hard drive so you can set it as your default reader for the plethora of log files you still get with SCCM 2012./root

For those needing this for SCCM 2007 (and any other log files they want to use it against), the SCCM V2 Toolkit is still available at

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