SOLVED: File Explorer Unresponsive with Windows 10


Are you having trouble with File Explorer? Do you have the Windows 10 upgraded feature pack?

At Acumen, one of our technicians was experiencing a problem with the new feature, too, so he found a solution.

But first, let’s describe the problem:


After upgrading Windows 10 to a new feature pack, the quick access section displays the message “Working on it,” then the section becomes unresponsive entirely.

Quick Access in File Explorer

File Explorer Solution:

  1. Restore Explorer
    1. To do this, open task manager, then select Windows Explorer and click “Restart.”
  2. To fix, “Start > Run > Explorer c:/Windows”
  3. Open File Explorer > Right click “Quick Access” on the Navigation Panel > “Options” > “Clear & Restore Defaults”
  4. As a result, the Quick Access Section should be running properly.

File Explorer


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