10 Tips to Manage Your Firewall Efficiently

Always keep your firewall on

If you’re doing specific work, such as troubleshooting or installing, you may temporarily disable your firewall. However, this practice is not always recommended.

Seclude hardware

You should protect your firewall from direct attacks, especially if your firewall is hardware. This means you shouldn’t allow communication flow between your firewall and unauthorized users.

Keep your OS updated

Updating your operating system with the latest version is a must.

Define Your ‘Rule Base’

Keep your rules simple. When a packet reaches the firewall, it checks against the rule base, so it’s a best practice to place the most accessed rule at the top of the list in order to reduce the load on your firewall.

Lock down VPN Access

Keep a lock on your Virtual Private Network access.

Deny Suspicious Requests

When in doubt about authenticity, deny! You can always go back later and approve the user once you’ve verified they are legitimate.

Run firewall vulnerability scans regularly

Test and audit your firewall for vulnerabilities.

Block an entire country if under attack

Block all attacks from a specific country, such as China.

Update firewall regularly

Out-dated security software is an easy target for an attack.

Monitor user access to firewall settings

Only allow access to trusted users.


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