SOLVED: SFTP Fatal in Selinux Log


When trying to configure sftp, you encounter “fatal: safely_chroot permission denied” in your SElinux audit.log.

Problem Scenario:

When you disable selinux with setenforce 0, sftp works.

When you enable selinux with setenforce 1, sftp fails and gives an error like:
Aug 7 18:01:19 server1 sshd[36015]: fatal: safely_chroot: stat(“/var/www”): Permission denied

Important facts:

You must have:
setsebool -P ssh_chroot_rw_homedirs=1
This will often error if you have an sftp user that also has a login shell (a big no-no), set it to /sbin/nologin with:
usermod -s /sbin/nologin mySFTPUser

But sftp still won’t work because the internal SELinux policies don’t allow sftp chroot. Create a custom SELinux policy to allow the chroot using audit2allow:
yum install setroubleshoot (to get audit2allow)


yum install policycoreutils-python (alternate package with audit2allow)
cd /root
grep chroot_user_t /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M sftp_chroot_custom_policy > sftp_chroot_custom_policy.text
semodule -i sftp_chroot_custom_pol.pp

NOTE: The normal out put of this would be the .pp file generated by the -M flag. The .text file contains the human readable equivalent. You must use the .pp binary file with the semodule -i command.

This applies to Centos 6. It may apply to other Linux operating systems.

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