System Imaging and System Recovery

One of the more recent innovations in IT support that is now trickling down to most companies is the ability to create images, or system imaging, of your computers to aid in recovery of damaged servers and workstations. The basic concept is that a system image is taken of a computer in an ideal state and if disaster happens, it can be recovered quickly and easily.

We work with imaging and recovery tools in schools and business where PC refreshes and rebuilds are critical. We image over 50 machines each week.


Microsoft created MDT to make image creation, image management, and image deployment much easier.

MDT provides the ability to add software installations, device drivers, and updates to your image sets making image creation and management much easier.


Microsoft’s powerful System Center Configuration Manager provides large volume and scale imaging automation.

System Imaging

System Imaging

Imaging recovery is for You

If you’ve ever had a computer catastrophically fail and been unable to recover the hard-drive then you know the importance of backups and system imaging. If you haven’t … you’re luck

Top Features

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

  • Microsoft System Center

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Lite-Touch