Microsoft RemoteFX

Microsoft RemoteFX allows for the delivery of a robust Windows user experience across a range of scenarios. In Windows Server 2012 enhancements provide a richer and more seamless experience on all types of networks and devices. With the RemoteFX tool your employees are allowed to fully work with all the software and devices on your network with all the advantages of remote and virtual operations.

Your network isn’t your core business but without it you can’t do your job. We work with computers network for a wide variety of companies including everything from small businesses to enterprise companies. If you are using RemoteFX, and we recommend it, then you might need some help getting it running properly. If you just need a simple configuration fix then call and we’ll get it sorted out.

If you are thinking about installing RemoteFX for the first time but don’t have any experience with the tool then call us and we’ll get you up and running at the right price and on the timescale you plan.

Our technicians can answer any of your questions, be they big or small. We’re here to help.

Virtual Desktop

Windows Server 2012 provides tools to deploy, configure, and manage personal and pooled virtual desktops.

Automated deployment and management of pooled desktops with virtual desktop templates, preserve user personalization for pooled virtual desktop deployments by using User Profile Disks, and support multiple storage options; including local and server message block storage for virtual machines.

USB Connection

With RemoteFX your users can plug-in their USB devices and work with them directly. This is a major advantage in the remote desktop experience and extremely useful.

USB drives are used throughout the computer world to carry information and applications from one physical location to another. The ability to directly access these drives while remotely attached to a computer is a major benefit to your users.

Graphic Accelerator

Included 3-D graphics and video, across local area networks and wide area networks, even with limited bandwidth and high latency, by dynamically adjusting the fidelity of the user experience based on changing network conditions.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the remote experience is terrible graphics. That’s not a problem with RemoteFX.

Touch Enabled

Windows 8 and touch support are a key component to a unified computing experience between phone, tablet, and computer. With Windows 8 this seamless experience extends to remote access.

Touch isn’t the future, it’s the now and support through remote access is important to ensure your employees have the same experience all the time.


Microsoft RemoteFX

RemoteFX – About

Deliver flexible access to data and applications from virtually anywhere on popular devices, while also helping to maintain security and compliance.

Top Features

  • VDI

  • Use your Thumb Drives!

  • Local Graphic Cards

  • Windows 8 Touch

  • Seamless Experience

  • User Friendly