Barracuda Web Filter

The Barracuda Web Filter family has extensive policy tools for managing web access in the workplace and no per-user fees. It is a powerful and affordable content filtering appliance for use in organizations of all sizes.

How much time do employees spend on social networks or gaming sites? Is anyone downloading malware or pornography? Why is the Internet running slowly today? Find out the answers to these questions with Barracuda Web Filter. We will help you purchase the proper Barracuda Web Filter for your sized business and ensure that it is configured properly. This is vital information you need to ensure your business is running properly and without a good Web Filter you are in the dark.

We can help you setup your first Barracuda Web Filter from scratch and we can even plan out your purchases so you don’t spend too much and get more equipment than you need. If you just need a few settings properly configured don’t waste time stumbling around trying to figure it out. Call our trained technicians who work with these web filters all the time and we’ll get you properly setup and running quickly and efficiently.

We’re a Barracuda reseller and if you purchase from us we can provide support. Find out more, call now! 314.333.3330.

Web Security Agent

Windows and Mac compatible agents are available to protect and enforce web policies on off-network computers.

There are no license fees for Barracuda Web Security Agents.

Spyware Removal

The Barracuda Web Filter comes with a spyware removal tool to disinfect computers that connect to a network carrying spyware.

Not only can it monitor employee behavior but the Web Filter includes spyware removal tool. Spyware is a major threat to your company’s information.

Web Policy Enforcement

You can create granular policies to manage web access by global users, groups and individuals based on ninety-five content categories, time factors, applications, bandwidth, media, and more.

The granular features of this tool allow you to target problem areas and find out exactly what is going on. This knowledge will help you find problem areas and move quickly to find solutions.


This tool works right from the box! Default security policies instantly protect desktops against viruses, spyware, phishing and other aggressive web attacks.

Energize Updates add new threat profiles in real time.

Easy to Use

This tool takes fifteen minutes or less to setup.

You get logs, powerful policy features, and reports with only a few clicks. Reporting requires no database administration.


Affordable pricing and no per-user fees or license fees for software agents makes the Barracuda Web Filter appliance on of the best value in web security today.

This tool is so cheap it’s almost crazy not to have it. It’s your network and your employees. Take charge of it today!

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Barracuda Web Filter

Barracuda Web Filter – About

It’s your network. Make sure it’s not being abused. This is THE tool. Buy it today, thank us later.

Top Features

  • Filter URL by Category

  • Image/Multimedia Safe Search

  • SSL Inspection

  • URL by Domain or Pattern

  • File Type Blocking

  • Youtube For Schools

  • Remote Filtering

  • Blocks Known Spyware Sites