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Oracle Technology

Oracle / Sun is best known for their database tool but we work primarily with their Solaris operating system. Oracle / Sun is a well-known brand in the IT support industry and you can trust their product to deliver.

Our trained IT Support technician are  happy to help you setup, configure, and maintain your Oracle / Sun server products. If you’re running a business in the modern world you need to make certain your systems are optimized. Your servers are the backbone technology of your business. Without them our employees can’t do their jobs properly. You need your information available all-day every day because people are doing work wherever and whenever they need to do it.

With Oracle / Sun and their Solaris operating system we can make this happen for you. It’s not always easy to configure an optimal setting and sometimes your network team is busy handling other emergencies. Our IT Support network technicians work with many different customers and clients. We see dozens of issues every day and the odds are we’ll be able to help you quickly and efficiently

If you need something as simple as a configuration question about Oracle / Sun answered we’re happy to provide that service. If you want a long-term relationship where we monitor and maintain your servers; we’ll do that also.

Trouble now? Call right away and get help now!


Solaris is known for its scalability, especially on SPARC systems, and for originating many innovative features such as DTrace, ZFS and Time Slider.

Solaris has a reputation for being well-suited to symmetric multiprocessing, supporting a large number of CPUs. We agree. It is tightly integrated with Sun’s SPARC hardware with support for 64-bit SPARC applications.


Oracle offers several excellent application lines including an E-Business Suite, Siebel, Primavera, PeopleSoft, and ATG.

Be it business, industry, or implementation and integration; Oracle offers applications packages to help your employees do their job. Great tools are the key to productivity.

Enterprise Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager helps you deliver enterprise private cloud services up to ten times faster while freeing up administration resources.

Establish your cloud faster and manage it more easily. Enterprise Managers offers unique solution.


Oracle’s servers are engineered to deliver great performance, simplified management, high availability, and cost-saving efficiencies.

Industry-leading systems from Oracle include built-in virtualization, cloud management and systems management, and are optimized to run Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.

What Rob Says

When it comes to Oracle our primary experience is with their servers. Our clients demand servers that are always up and running efficiently. We can count on Oracle servers to exceed all our expectations, always.

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