Paessler Partner
PRTG System Monitoring

Top Features

  • Traffic usage
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Flexible alerts
  • Cluster failover solution
  • Distributed monitoring
  • Many reports

PRTG Technology

Paessler is the creator of the PRTG Network Monitor, an award-winning monitoring system that monitors your servers and network devices. PRTG is an all-in one monitoring software that both assures the availability of network components, and measures traffic and usage with one single solution. Network monitoring is one of the most valuable tools available to help your computer services staff be proactive about potential business damaging technology problems. Paessler PRTG helps it service staff check uptime, traffic loads, server capacity, and other factors so they can effectively optimize your system and keep your business running smoothly.

We’re a proud PRTG Paessler Partner and use their Network Monitoring for own systems here at Acumen. It’s a full feature tool that can be scaled for your business needs. If you are small business than the PRTG 100 might be your best tool but for a larger Enterprise business they have everything up to the unlimited network monitoring system.

Our IT Support Technicians know how to configure your system for best network performance. It’s our job to make your system is running properly and PRTG is one of the tools we use to make it happen.

If you need help configuring your system we’re here for you or if you need us to take over your network monitoring entirely we can handle that as well. Monitoring is vital to your network stability. Call us to find out more.

System Monitoring

System monitoring is key buzzword in the IT services industry today and it’s vital to making sure your operation work smoothly. Each component on your network serves an important function and your IT services team needs to know how it is holding up on a daily basis when traffic loads are high and when they are low.

The more information about each component your IT services team has, the better your operations will run.

PRTG Monitoring

We can help make sure your technicians are using PRTG in the most effective way by helping setup and configure your PRTG system.

One of the most common things we see in the IT services industry is an IT team overwhelmed with other projects counting on their networking monitoring to tell them when there are any problems only to find out that it was configured incorrectly.

PRTG Training

Once we’ve helped setup your PRTG system we are on-call to help support it and also offer classes to keep your IT services team completely conversant with the capabilities of the tool.

Sometimes an exceptional IT services team just doesn’t know about a hidden feature in the tool and fails to take advantage of it. This is where training can pay off immensely.

What Rob Says

We’ve only recently become familiar with Paessler and their PRTG monitoring tool but we already feel comfortable with the application. We do a lot of monitoring for our clients and we need the best solution available. PRGT looks like it might be the answer.

CEO Acumen Consulting