OpenE Partner

Top Features

  • Data storage
  • RAID solutions
  • DSS v6 and v7
  • Could storage

OpenE Technology

Open-E Data Storage Software V6 provides a fast, reliable, and scalable platform for IP-Storage. Whether your need is for file sharing, storage consolidation, backup and recovery, virtualization or replication, Open-E Data Storage Software offers excellent price-to-performance ratio, enhanced manageability, and increased productivity.

Our experienced IT Support technicians can help you get your storage system setup properly. It’s not always easy to know how much storage you need and what will be the best configuration for your IT storage technology. If you are growing, you’ll want to be able to scale up to a larger system without having to completely change your network configurations.

Whether you are in the market for your first major storage system, want to upgrade your existing system, or simply want to change some of the settings on your existing system, our technicians can help. We’re just a phone call away, and no problem is too big or too small. We’ve built OpenE storage systems for small companies and large businesses as well. We’ve helped our clients grow so that they aren’t paying too much initially for more storage than they needed but didn’t have to pay huge costs to upgrade.

When it comes to OpenE storage, we’re the St. Louis experts. If you have a question about your existing OpenE system or are planning on expanding your storage capabilities, call now for help now!

Backup and restore

There are so many options, it can be difficult to decide what’s the best Open-E solution for your data backup needs. They offer many choices designed to fit your business operation.

With Open-E DSS V6, there are two possibilities for RAID implementation – software RAID and hardware RAID.

Business continuity

For continuous availability of business functions for your customers and business partners, Open-E software provides solutions that allow your company to maintain operations in spite of critical situations or disasters.

It’s not easy to combine both high-availability and great performance but Open-E does it with tremendous solutions. iSCSI failover or NAS failover, Open-E provides solutions that work.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an essential solution, not only for businesses, but also for individual users. The popularity of mobile devices and the rising need of sharing and syncing files between them plays a major factor in cloud storage solutions.

While almost all businesses acknowledged the benefits of cloud computing very few know how cloud storage actually works how to make it an effective tool for your business.

What Rob Says

There aren’t a lot of companies in our area with the ability to create Open-E solutions for their customers. We’re proud to be an Open-E partner and happy to design data storage systems for you.

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