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Voice over Internet Protocol is a way for your phone system to connect through an Internet Connection. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but tying your business phone service to the internet via VOIP gives you unprecedented power. VOIP phones can do so much more than regular phones and will enhance the way you do business.

We can help with VLAN configuration, QoS configuration (Quality of Service), PoE configuration (Power over Ethernet), and all sound and performance concerns.

We can help with ring groups, auto attendant / digital receptionist configuration, mobility concerns, and call center management.

There are a number of VOIP for business phone services available, and we have installed hundreds of phones for many clients. It can be a difficult transition and there are important nuances to installing the VOIP business phone system. If your IT support team needs help setting up the business phone service or if you want us to design, install, configure, and maintain your VOIP phones, then give us a call. We want to help your business succeed.


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Cisco provides a wide array of VOIP phones for the modern office. We’ve installed several such business phone services for our clients. Every setup has it quirks and our experience will save you money.

See our Cisco Phones page and learn how we can help you navigate installation, configuration, and maintenance troubleshooting issues.


3CXPhone is a free VOIP phone available for Windows, iPhone or any Android based smart phone such as Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid or Samsung Galaxy. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean that installation, configuration, and maintenance are easy.

We love 3CX and are happy to help you setup your VOIP business phone service network. See our 3CX Phone page for more details!


You might not be ready for one of the new and improved VOIP business phone services at this time, and that’s not a problem. At Acumen, we’re quite familiar with legacy NBX systems including the V3001, V3000, NBX 100, NBX 25 and Superstack 3.

If you have a legacy business phone system, then call to find out how we can help maintain your existing phone network to keep your employees working at peak efficiency.

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If your VOIP business phones aren’t working properly, do not wait, call us now. Our technicians work with these business phone services every day and we know how important they are to your company. Don’t wait any longer. Get it right, get it now – 314.333.3330

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