Sophos Partner
Unified Threat Management

Top Features

  • Security
  • Email protection
  • Virus protection
  • Data protection
  • Endpoint security
  • Compliance tools

Sophos Anti-virus

Complete endpoint, mobile, web, and data security licensed by the user—not the device. Sophos EndUser Protection gives you a simple way to protect your end users, no matter how many devices they use.

Sophos provides a unified threat management system for your network. Their tools include a VPN, a Web Gateway, an application firewall, a security firewall, secure wirless, and secure email. Each of these systems might be right for your network. We can help you decide if you need to replace your current system with a Sophos or just upgrade from one Sophos product to another.

If you need an upgrade, a whole new system, or simply tweaks to your existing threat management system we can help. We’re proud to be a Sophos partner and we absolutely love their security tools. If you haven’t heard of Sophos we can help you understand what their tools do and why they are advantageous.

Every network needs security and if you’re experiencing growth the odds are good that you need to upgrade your current system. Don’t do it alone with guesswork and hope. Call us now and we’ll help ensure that you get the right security at the right price. 


The Sophos antivirus tool is designed for medium to large businesses with antivirus, web security, application and device control as the main components.

You will find antivirus, client firewall, and application control in one easy-to-use solution.


It’s all about choices. With Sophos UTM you choose the protection you need and a platform that best suits your business.
Sophos has Software, Hardware, Virtual platform options for laptops, desktops, servers, and network Storage


Encryption of your files is an increasingly important feature and Sophos provides a solution. Great performance for your encrypted computers.

This flexible tool allows you to plug in the encryption features you need and leave off the things you don’t. Everyone’s security needs are different and you need flexibility.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices become more important in the business world with each passing day. With Sophos you can allow only devices compliant with your policies to access your corporate email and data. That’s huge.

Your IT support staff is already busy and Sophos helps reduce the IT burden with over-the-air management and user self-service portal

What Rob Says

We’re thrilled to be a partner with Sophos. Their line of security tools is second to none and we’re happy to recommend them to all our clients. Easy to use, self-managing, powerful.

CEO Acumen Consulting