Symantec Partner

Top Features

  • IT security
  • Virus protection
  • Endpoint protection
  • Backup and recovery
  • Encryption

Symantec Security

Symantec is primarily a security company and most people are familiar with their Norton brand of home and office web and virus tools.

When it comes to anti-virus and security Symantec is an industry standard and their various products help you keep your network system secure. Virus protection is a vital component of any network in the modern business environment and our technicians can make sure your Symantec software is up-to-date and doing its job properly. If you don’t have anti-virus protection your network is at risk.

One virus can consume countless hours of your IT staff’s time and easily be the difference between a profitable year and one which is not. If you are not properly protected it’s not a matter of if your network will be compromised but when.

We can help you decide what the best Symantec setup is for your network and make sure you get exactly what you need. Our techs will setup your system and maintain it as well so that you are never without protection.

If your network security isn’t what you want it to be then give us a call right now. You can’t afford to wait.


Security means a lot of things and Symantec covers all the bases. If you need protection for your home computer, if you network needs to be secure from intrusions, if you need to store your data in a safe environment: Symantec has a solution.

Norton security software is probably their best known tool but it is only one in a line of solutions designed to keep your data safe. When it comes to security, Symantec is a name you can trust.

Backup and Recovery

Symantec and Intel jointly designed NetBackup Appliances to reduce the operational costs associated with protecting enterprise data.

appliances can protect both virtual and physical workloads.

What Rob Says

Security is essential to any network and Symantec is probably the best known name in the business.

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