Yealink Accessories

Yealink makes top-of-the-line IP phones for the modern business and environment and along with those phones offers some excellent accessories that work seamlessly with their phones. If you’ve got Yealink phones then you should consider adding their elegant and functional accessories.

Their DECT Repeater RT10 allows up to six repeaters per base station, allows for automatic handovers, can handle two simultaneous calls per repeater and is designed to work with Yealink phones.

They offer a heatsest, an exceptional bluetooth dongle, and various expansion modules. If you purchase equipment from this unified communication company, you know you are getting quality.

Our IT support technicians will ensure your accessory is working properly the first time. We are the St. Louis experts when it comes to IP Phones and we love working with the tremendous equipment from this UC company. We’ll be happy to run you through exactly what they offer and all their various accessories.

It makes sense to go with a communication network that works right the first. Every hour of every day is business and you need to communicate effectively the first time and every time.


This UC company has a number of expansion modules so you can get more from your existing phones. The price is right and the quality is exceptional.


Unified Communication Bluetooth USB dongle is an excellent product for you highly mobile employees. They need to communicate no matter where they are and this is the way to do it.


DECT RT10 Repeater is one of the highest quality repeaters on the market with a range up to 300 yards outdoors. It supports multiple units per base station (up to 6) and gives you high quality communication possibilities.

Yealink Accessories

yealink accessories

About Yealink Accessories

Yealink is predominantly an IP phone provider and they manufacture some of the highest quality IP phones available. When it comes to elegance and functionality, Yealink is second to no one.

They also provide top-level accessories that are designed to work with their products. If you’re going to go with the best phone, you must as well get the accessories to match.

Top Features

  • Repeaters

  • Expansion modules

  • Bluetooth

  • Headsets