About Polycom

Polycom is the largest pure-play collaboration company in the audio and video conferencing industry and they make a quality line of products for consumers.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on top-end Polycom products when less expensive models are perfect for your business. Likewise it’s important not to save a little money but end up with equipment that doesn’t do the job you need. We can help you decide what to purchase, help you set it up, maintain it, and troubleshoot any problems.


Teleconferences have been around for many years and Polycom remains the leading technology expert. If you want your teleconferences to roll smoothly then they have a product for you.

With a full line of models it’s easy to pick the one that’s best suited for your business and we can help.

Video Conference

With their telepresence solution, Polycom now provides exceptional bandwidth support for high definition conferencing.



Software Based Platform

As computer processing power increased Polycom transitioned the desktop solution to a software-based client called Polycom PVX. This allows you to take advantage of all the power of the latest processors. Speed is everything.

Top Features

  • High Definition Video

  • Superfast connection

  • Great performance