Anti-Virus Services

Whether you’re a small company with half-a-dozen employees or an Enterprise business with tens of thousands of workers the real of virus protection is important to your business. Anti-virus software is great and we use it but you need a comprehensive plan on how to stop all attacks.

A single virus can do millions of dollars’ worth of damage to your network. It can put you out of business. Let us help devise a plan to keep you safe.


One of the major challenges to preventing a virus from getting into your system is to identify not only the virus itself but the potential methods you are vulnerable. Firewalls and anti-virus software is only part of the plan to protect you and your systems.


There are new viruses popping up every day and simply owning a piece of anti-virus software is no guarantee that you are secure. When it comes to your business just have one piece of software between you and the virus is not enough.
We’ll help come up with a long-term prevention plan that minimizes your exposure to potential viruses and plans for eradication if one should get through into your systems.

No protection plan is complete without isolation and cleanup protocols.

Virus Protection


Anti-virus Plans

When we setup your anti-virus systems it’s not just trying to prevent a virus from attacking your network. We use a variety of anti-virus tools to prevent a virus from attacking, to tell us as soon as you’re infected, and to remove a virus quickly before it can spread throughout your system.

Don’t tempt fate. Let us help. Call today!

Top Features

  • Anti-virus software

  • Firewall

  • Security checklist

  • Virus removal

  • Disaster Recovery