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  • Email Encryption
  • Privacy
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Browser and Mobile Security
  • Sensitive Email
  • Easy to Install


ZixCorp is the market leader in email encryption and has provided support for over eight-thousand customers. With ZixCorp your company can comply with government regulations to encrypt sensitive information sent via email. ZixCorp is trusted by banks, hospitals, the US Treasury, and many other businesses that must have email security.

We are proud to be a ZixCorp partner and offer the best prices for ZixGateway and other Zix Products. Visit our ZixStore to see all the products and the unbeatable prices. Your email security is a serious issue in the modern world and your employees need the encryption services ZixMail and ZixGateway offer. We’re not just a reseller but we also help setup your security tool and make sure they are running properly.

Is your email secure? If it’s not then you need to think about the tools ZixCorp offers.

Let us explain the advantages of such system and also the danger of not having this security in place. Your email security is part of the overall security of your entire business. Don’t neglect this vital portion of your business. Call now and we’ll help you get started now.


ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption appliance that delivers simple, secure management of ZixCorp Email Encryption Services

ZixGateway inspects all outbound email to ensure they adhere to your chosen policies.


Data Loss Prevention helps ensure you remain compliant with corporate and government policies.

With quarantined messages it’s easy for your compliance officer to determine if an email needs to be retained or deleted.


ZixPort provides companies a way to encrypt email communications with customers and business partners who do not have email encryption.

When an encrypted email is delivered via ZixPort, the user receives a notification email that links to the secure messaging portal. After signing in, the user can view his/her message and any attachments over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.


ZixMail provides desktop email encryption that includes automated key management and delivery to anyone, anywhere through a secure web portal.

Encrypted messages are delivered using your existing email address, and a single ZixMail client can support multiple email addresses. ZixMail also provides time stamping and authentication for irrefutable proof of delivery and receipt.

What Rob Says

Email security is vital and Zix is the single best solution.

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