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WireShark Packet Analyzer

Top Features

  • Network monitoring
  • Open source
  • Free!
  • Powerful tool
  • Reporting features
  • Deep inspection

WireShark Monitoring

An open-source network tool built and maintained by a huge group of IT support professionals and freely available to the public. Not so much a company but a community dedicated to bringing the IT network world a great network monitoring tool, that’s WireShark.

Network monitoring is not just for big companies with major networks. Every small company needs to keep track of what is going in their network but sometimes the big tools are more than they need and more expensive than they can afford. WireShark is a viable solution for many businesses and offers tremendous monitoring advantages. If you don’t have a monitoring tool like WireShark then your network is subject to more frequent outages. With good network monitoring you can anticipate problems before they happen and take proactive steps to prevent disaster.

If you own a small business and you’re not happy with your current network monitoring or don’t have any at all please consider giving us a call. We’ll help you understand the advantages of a system like WireShark and the low overhead involved.

Don’t wait to find out if WireShark is right for you. Call now and well get started right now!


This open-source network tool is free, updated by thousands of IT support professionals constantly, platform independent, and easy to install. We use it and you should also.

For a business with a smaller IT support budget we can’t recommend WireShark enough.

Open Soruce

The idea of Open Source software started a few years ago and it making tremendous strides. Simply put it is a group of people who see a need for a particular piece of software and write the code in a collaborative effort.

We’re firm believers in the Open Source movement. It’s not for every IT support situation but for many smaller companies it’s an ideal solution.

What Rob Says

We have a wide variety of clients and many of them don’t need the power of the more complex system monitoring tools. Our relationship with WireShark allows us to offer our clients great choices.

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