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Top Features

  • Archiving
  • Data backup
  • Data center managment
  • Data storage
  • Security
  • Virtualization

EMC Data Management

EMC is a multi-national corporation that provides IT support and services for a huge variety of companies. They are a data management center, an enterprise content management company, security software provider, storage vendor, and a virtualization and data backup center, and archiving tools service. Let’s just say they are big, and we proud to work with EMC to help provide your IT support.

If you are thinking about installing new networking equipment, upgrading your existing equipment, or just configuring the EMC equipment, we can help. Like all network software and hardware, there are many options. That’s why it’s important to plan your purchases so you get the equipment you need.

When it comes to your network, it’s important to get things right the first time, but that’s not always the reality. If your EMC setup isn’t ideal, we can look at it and optimize it for your business. If you need something as simple as a quick reconfiguration or a complete upgrade on your existing computer hardware with EMC, we will help.

Your in-house network staff is experienced in dealing with the kinds of issues that arise from your particular setup. Our experienced technicians work with many different kinds of EMC hardware and have seen all kinds of trouble from many different networks. If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s wrong, we will help.

Why wait if something is broken? Call now and we’ll get to work right now.

Data Backup

EMC provides a wide array of data backup tools that take advantage of the latest technology to ensure your data is stored safely and can easily be accessed by your employees.

EMC provides data backup plans for virtualized data, and that’s a big issue for us. We’re a virtual environment, and we recommend it to all our clients. Data is data; virtual machines or not, it needs to be backed up securely.

Data Management

The data management field is so complex that it’s impossible to describe in a sentence or two. There are a number of tools that help automate your network management, replication management, storage configuration, and virtualization settings. They are all designed to make your IT technician’s job easier.

With EMC, we get a full-service suite of tools, capable of working with the most complex network environments. They are powerful tools for serious IT support situations.


EMC provides high-level RSA encryption for networks. These network tools do it all; From logs to keep track of intruder events to prevention software that stops phishing in its tracks.

Your network security is vital for your business. The bigger your business, the more chance of a breach. EMC tools can help prevent disaster.


You have a lot of data, and you need access to it at all times of the day and night. This is data storage in the modern age, and it’s a complex problem. EMC has a variety of data storage solutions for you.

In the modern business environment, every business will continue to pile up more and more data, and it is imperative to store it properly so that it is both secure and easily accessible.


EMC is one of our virtualization partners, and we go to them for a number of VMWare and Citrix virtualzation solutions. They are an industry leader in desktop virtualization with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

If you haven’t considered a virtual server environment, it’s time to start thinking about it. Call us today, and we can help you make the transition.

What Rob Says

It’s not always easy to deal with huge corporations like EMC but in this case it’s easy. They want us to succeed and that helps us to help you. Thanks, EMC.

CEO Acumen Consulting