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Ensuring Efficiency & Performance

We help manage your system so that your employees are constantly connected, can access the data they need, and can easily work together. Our network engineers can design your multi-access point network for high speed and consistent connection quality.

Network System Assessment

For computer networks and systems to perform at their best, we provide periodic maintenance, upgrades, and configuration improvements. A Network System Assessment, focused on network performance and network traffic, is used to ensure that the right performance improvements are made.

A completed network system assessment serves as the foundation on which we make recommendations to clients for changes, upgrades and budgeting.

Network Design Experts

At Acumen, we employ a world-class staff to ensure your network needs are met with efficiency and speed. Each technician has been hand-picked so that we have a vast array of skills and experience on our team.

Acumen technicians work with complex network environments involving router configuration, VLAN design, firewall configuration, content filtering, network performance issues, web usage reporting, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) quality issues.

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Network Design Services

Network Security

Content filtering
Firewall management
Access control lists
Dedicated VPNs
Gateway-based antivirus
Port forwarding

High Performance Networking

10 gigabit networking

SNMP monitoring

Load balancing

Wireless Networks

Our network engineers design

multi-access point networks

for high speed and consistent

connection quality.

Storage Area Networks

Fibre channel switching
10 gigabit networking


ISP and Telecom cutover
Multiple facility routing

Managed Switches

Managed switches

Advanced features

SNMP monitoring

Virtual LANs

High Density Switches

High density switches with

stacking capability allow for

central management of a

large number of ports.

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Storage Systems
  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Microsoft Windows Domain
  • File & Print Sharing
  • Web Applications
  • Databases
  • Central Management Servers
  • Citrix Terminal Servers
  • Microsoft Terminal Servers
  • Desktop Workstations
  • Thin-Client Workstations
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