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Emergency Preparedness

When an IT support emergency happens your support team must know your equipment.

Every second counts. I’m not kidding. Every second.

It’s great to have a local computer services technician who knows the system, but in-house staff don’t face the broad array of IT problems that a field technician will encounter. Not only will we help your team but we keep records to ensure our engineers are ready for the next IT Support emergency and don’t have to be brought up to speed.


For every computer service call our network technicians complete a Service Order detailing all tasks performed. This document requires a signature by an authorized company representative.

We recommend meeting monthly with select members of your management team to facilitate planning and review of the computer services performed.

At your request, our techs will explain any activity they perform to your in-house staff.


Acumen maintains detailed records about your computer systems, in addition to our service logs. We will discuss your situation with you and determine what information you need to have available.

Don’t waste time remembering computer configuration settings. The information you need, when you need it.

If high accessibility is necessary, records can be made available via the Internet. Confidentiality agreements are always provided.

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