Security Assessment St Louis

Our security team can generate audit reports and recommendations to protect you from both internal and external threats. We will provide a security report filled with information regarding common security risks. The internet is becoming more dangerous every day and it is imperative that you determine what risks you face before you can implement strong safeguards.

It’s easy to think about one aspect of IT security like application security and forget about other issues. The bad guys are out there looking at your network and probing for the weakest link. Maybe the weak link is application security or poor user passwords. Our analysis will help you find the weaknesses and provide remediation recommendations. Contact us now!

IT Security – concepts

Disruption of Service

This type of attack is called by many names; worms, viruses, trojans, spam and spyware. These programs install themselves on your computers, usually without your knowledge, and bring your computer or your network to a halt. Our IT security report will determine if you are vulnerable to this sort of attack.

If your eCommerce site is brought down the loss in revenue can be catastrophic.

If your staff can’t do their jobs then you lose money. Our IT support technicians are experts at finding weaknesses and preventing future attacks. These sorts of attacks constantly change and your system requires continual supervision.

Data Destruction

This type of attack is caused by worms, viruses and trojans. In many cases this will result in the destruction of data on your computer network. An IT security report can help flag areas that are vulnerable. Once such vulnerabilities are understood it’s possible to secure the network.

Did you know that common practices can result in infection? Learn how.

The loss of your business data can cause your business to close its doors forever. You need to understand your vulnerabilities before you can address them. Our IT support staff will analyze your system and product an IT security report to guide your way forward. Call today. Call now.

Data Theft

This type of attack is the intentional theft of specific business information. This is a targeted attempt to steal your customers, steal confidential information, or gain insight into the way you do business.

People get angry and do stupid things. Protect your data.

Sadly, theft of data is often an inside job, or instigated by an ex-employee, special precautions must be taken for protection. Our IT support technicians know how to analyze your network to see if you are vulnerable. We can also help with data recovery as well. Call today and ask about Computer Forensics.

Penetration Testing

Our certified experts provide penetration scanning.  Scanning ensures that penetration testing is effective and detects all vulnerabilities.

Top Features

  • Data Protection

  • System Analysis

  • Security Threat Detection

  • Virus and Spam Protection

  • Full Scope Assessment

  • Real Solutions

Security Assessment – related technology

Security Assessment – IT security reports today

If your IT support staff hasn’t run a security assessment on your systems then you don’t know where you are most vulnerable. You need regular IT security reports to ensure the safety of your network. Don’t hesitate, call us for details – 314.333.3330