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We provide network design services to keep your network running at top performance.  We can help you find the limits that are holding you back.  We understand network security and intrusion prevention that can keep you safe.

We work with network design devices from Cisco, HP, Dell, Brocade, Barracuda, SonicWALL, Patton, and many more.
Acumen understands complex network environments involving router configuration, VLAN design, firewall configuration, content filtering, network performance issues, web usage reporting, voice-over-IP (VoIP) quality issues.

Acumen provides a wide array of professional network services:

Network Security

  • content filtering
  • firewall management
  • access control lists
  • dedicated virtual private networks
  • gateway-based antivirus
  • port forwarding

High Performance Networking

  • 10 gigabit networking
  • SNMP monitoring for throughput utiliization and latency
  • load balancing

Managed Switches

  • Managed switches allow for advanced features such as snmp monitoring, virtual LANs, and quality of service. We have experience supporting these features. We can help make your network perform better and with more security.

Storage Area Networks

  • Fibre channel switching
  • 10 gigabit networking

Wireless Networks

  • Large facilities need a wireless network that is easy to use. Configuring 100 wireless access points to function as a mesh wireless network can be very complicated. Our network engineers can design your multi-access point network for high speed and consistent connection quality. Aerohive and Cisco have outstanding product offerings.

Voice over IP Phone Systems

  • Quality of Service (QoS) configuration to control jitter and latency

Router Configuration

  • ISP and telecom cutover
    multiple facility routing

High Density Switches

  • If you have a large and complex computer network, you may need high density switches with stacking capability to allow for central management of a large number of ports. Our network engineers have experience with these advanced enterprise deployments.

IT Services a Division of Acumen Consulting

Computer Network Concepts


From the small home or office router designed simply to pass data to sophisticated enterprise devices used to connect large business operations we offer solutions for any sized computer network.

Data moving from one place to the next efficiently. That’s routers and yours need to be working.

Please take a look at our Cisco, SonicWall, and Barracuda pages for more detailed information. These are the sort of network tools that will help your computer network run efficiently.


Your computer network is dependent on switches. You might not know what that means and your probably don’t even care. We do. We provide support for managed Switches and Non-managed Switches be they LANs, POE, or Standard.

Focus on your business and let us provide your computer network support. It’s what we do.

Your computer network depends on this technology and our technicians will use our network tools to offer advice on upgrading, maintaining, installing, and configuring your computer network to make sure it is running in an optimized state. Call us today to find out more about Network Design.

Storage Systems

Your data is vital and your computer network is how that data is stored. How you store your data is a major component of your computer network and your entire business.

Like most computer network support issues the idea of data storage likely has nothing to do with your core business. but, without it you cannot operate. Let us use our network tools to analyze your network and find the best solutions for you.

Whether you opt for SAN, NAS, or DAS or a combination of the three is an important decision and we can not only help you make that decision but also manage your various storage devices.

Physical and Virtual Servers

The age of virtualization is upon us. We highly recommend virtualizing your computer network systems. Not everyone is ready to make the jump to virtualization although we think it is absolutely essential to eventually go this route.

We offer virtual server solutions with both Hyper-V and VMWare.

See our Virtualization Page for more information. We do support physical computer network server machines and will continue to do so for as long as you need help.

Microsoft Windows Domain

We are a Microsoft Partner and fully support the Windows Domain Active Directory. Our experience with this network tool allows us to help you make the best possible decisions regarding your computer network configuration.

Active Directory issues are a major concern in your computer network. Our computer technicians can help. Call today!

We are happy to troubleshoot existing issues, recommend solutions, maintain your system, and install and configure any devices you deem necessary.

File and Print Sharing

The ability to seamlessly share and print documents is essential in the modern office. This computer network service is one of the most vital and when it doesn’t work everyone knows it.

When your network design doesn’t work, your people don’t either.

We can help you manage your system so that your workers are constantly connected and can easily work together.

Web Application and Databases

Server decisions are vital to making sure you stay in business. Your employees rely on the computer network to be up and allow them access to the internet at all times. Your databases have vital information and your employees need it. When these computer network services fail then you are losing money.

Can’t access the internet, can’t do business. It’s that simple.

More and more we are reliant on our web servers to bring customers to us, our application servers to keep our employees working, and database servers to tie all our information together. Our technicians use a series of network tools to analyze your network components. Let us help you setup your web applications and database servers so that you only have to worry about your business, not your computer network.

Specialized Central Management Servers

Administering multiple servers by designating Central Management Servers and creating server groups is a difficult task. It’s very difficult for anyone besides a computer company to properly install and configure this sort of computer network system. We do it all the time. It’s our job.

The more servers you have the more difficult management becomes. We will help.

Your servers are vital to your computer network and if they are managed properly problems don’t need to be solved because they never happen in the first place.

Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers

From the operations side of running a business, there are really only two things that are important: time and money. The great thing about Terminal Services is that it can save you in both categories.

Save me time and money? Yep.

We can help you decide if Terminal Servers are right for your company and if so then we will help install, configure, and maintain them.

Desktop and Thin Client Workstations

It’s all but impossible to do business today without your employees on computers. Each job is different and it makes sense to provide the proper computing solutions to your work staff.

A virtual computer network environment with little or no hardware to worry about. Does that sound good to you?

There are many choices out there and when it times to upgrade your desktops or thin-clients decisions aren’t easy to make. Let us help you decide what is best for your computer network.

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  • Troubleshooting

  • Assessments

Network Design and Installation – related technology

Computer Network Tools

The computer network that allows you to do business is incredibly complex and getting more difficult to manage every day. As your business grows the computer network tools you once used become incapable of handling the increased load. Our computer network technicians can help guide you in determining the best course forward.

You’re business isn’t computers, ours is.