Remote Support

We have Help Desk technicians ready to answer your questions right now. If your network isn’t working properly, if your email is down, if you have a virus, if you can’t get your phones to work then you need IT support and IT service. Our using remote access our Help Desk team allows us to fix your issue immediately.

Our system is powered by a simple web based application that allows our Help Desk technicians to manage your computer remotely via the internet. This allows us to diagnose the problem you are experiencing and quickly provide the solution. This means you get back to work quickly. Our remote support Help Desk is right now support.

With Acumen Remote Help Desk support, there’s no need to take your computer in for repairs or spend hours talking on the phone with support centers overseas!

  • Blue Screen Errors

  • Slow Computer Performance

  • Virus and Spyware Infections

  • Software Installation and Removal

  • System Restoration

  • Lost Data Recovery

  • Hardware Configuration

  • Device Driver Installation and Troubleshooting

Remote Help Desk Now!

You need help right now? Call right now.



We bill in 15 minute increments for work performed on your computer, at the rate of $30 per 15 minute block.

Please have your credit card ready when calling to use this service.

Customer Comments

Easy to use

I went to the website, clicked the button, and downloaded the tool to my desktop. Clicked that. Read off the number. Gave permission. Boom. The help desk technician did the rest.

Acumen Help Desk assistance is easy to use and worked great for me. I would recommend it to anyone!

If you don’t want to learn how to fix it yourself then call us. Many people just need it fixed and right now.

Friendly techs

A lot of times I ask dumb questions about computers. I don’t understand them. Now I just show the tech the issue and it gets solved!

The help desk technician who worked with me was fast and friendly. It’s so much easier with Remote Support.

Many problems can be solved quickly and with remote support. If we can’t solve it right away we’ll do some research and call you back.

Life Saver

Time is money. If you don’t have a lot of either then give us a call.

I can’t believe I never thought to use a remote support service like this before! What a life saver!

If you’ve spent hours on the phone trying to explain your problem to a computer specialist then you need to try our help desk services. Download, click, give permission and go have a cup of coffee.

Safe and Secure

Our web based remote access tool allows us to have remote access to your computer only when you give the OK. You can close the remote support session at any time with a simple click. It’s a scary world out there and we understand being cautious.