Acumen IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk Service

Business needs rapid response to their technical problems, so that’s why our help desk service is fast and friendly.

Acumen provides a team of technical experts to help your staff with their problems quickly.  We track each problem and provide monthly reports of activities.

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What our Helpdesk Does

  • Slow Computer Performance

  • Virus and Spyware Infections

  • Software Installation and Removal

  • Blue Screen Errors

  • Server and Data Restoration

  • Lost Data Recovery

  • Hardware Configuration

  • Device Driver Installation and Troubleshooting

IT Help Desk Now!

Call  314.333.3330

Managed Services

We offer fixed price IT Services that keep you running at top performance.

Why tie up your employees with computer and network support?

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Seen it All

Our technicians see so much that the odds are we’ve seen your issue before, but if not, we have the knowledge and tools to investigate it, diagnose it, and provide the appropriate solution. As a result, our technicians have the skills to fix any issues you may have in a hurry.

Friendly techs

“I probably ask some dumb questions about computers, simply because I don’t understand them that well. The Acumen techs are great because they don’t make me feel stupid when answering my questions.”

“The helpdesk technician who worked with me was fast and friendly. They fixed my computer and I was so relieved!”

Many problems can be solved quickly by our techs, even complex problems. If we can’t solve it right away we’ll do some research and call you back.

Life Saver

Time is money. As a result, you might not have a lot of either, so give us a call.

I can’t believe I never thought to use a help desk service like this before! What a life saver!

Honestly, it was something that would have taken me hours to solve. It was apparently a common issue and my personal technician knew it right away.

Safe and Secure

A permanent, always there, Help Desk provider for you and your business.