Resetting a user’s Cisco UC Voicemail PIN (password)

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Cisco UC Voicemail

A user of a Cisco IP phone has both a PIN and a password. In Cisco Telephony terminology, the password is for accessing CUE (Cisco Unity Express– a web-based configuration program generated on the UC500 device), and the PIN is needed for Cisco UC voicemail access.

If someone has forgotten their PIN, or someone has left the company and another employee needs to check that person’s voicemail, you will have to change that unknown PIN.

Cisco UC Voicemail Solution:

  • To do so, log into the web page for Cisco Unity Express at the default URL of You have to enter the user’s username and password.
  • If you do not know these, they can be discovered within the CCA (Cisco Configuration Assistant software) by going to Configuration > Telephony > Users and Extensions > Users and Phones.
  • There you (as the administrator) can change the user’s password if you don’t know what it is—but you cannot change the PIN there. You need to do that in CUE.
  • In CUE, click on the Configure button, and then choose Users.
  • Click on the User ID in the list that you want to change.
    • Make sure you’re on the Profile Tab for the desired User ID, then enter in the new PIN number once and then again to confirm it.
  • You must log on as that user; if you log on as the UC500 administrator, you will not see the box to reset the user’s PIN!

End users can be allowed to access the CUE. While they can see a limited amount of information about other users, they cannot reset other people’s PINs, only their own. Users can log into CUE, but never CCA.

None of the above actions are disruptive to the phone system operations.

For assistance with your project, please see our Cisco Unified Communications and VOIP Phone System pages for more ways we can help you.

For additional help, visit Cisco’s Support Page by clicking the link below:

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