Speed Test for NAS

After setting up the drive and sharing it out on the network I was interested in the read/write speed across the network.

HOWTO: Upgrade CentOS for Hyper-V with Linux


HOWTO: Upgrading the CentOS kernel for a Hyper-V virtual machine with Linux Integration Components.

Resetting a user’s Cisco UC Voicemail PIN (password)

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A user of a Cisco IP phone has both a PIN and a password. In Cisco Telephony terminology, the password is for accessing CUE (Cisco Unity Express– a web-based configuration program generated on the UC500 device), and the PIN is needed for voicemail access.

Call/Ring back operator from voicemail cisco uc5xx

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I was at a client with a Cisco UC560 who requested that callers could ring back the operator after being forwarded to an extension and hitting an employee’s voicemail. Typically this action would be done by pressing 0, however, this did not work.

Windows 7 Phone – Setup Incomplete

Window 7 Phone Problem: Recently, I was issued a new Windows 7 phone.  Being the owner of one previously, I was already familiar with the OS and had a Windows Live ID that I entered when the sales rep asked me. The phone was just out of the box, and as soon as I entered […]