Zabbix frontend shows “zabbix server is running” No

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Zabbix Problem & Solution    This occurs when you confirm that the service is running, but the frontend still won’t show server is running. Found that turning off SELinux with setenforce 0 would fix the problem, so it is clearly SELinux related. The problem is that by default, SELinux prevents apache/php from connecting to network […]

Password change on Cisco 3550 Switch

While troubleshooting a switch for a client I wanted to change the configuration register of the switch to boot from a different location. The “show version” command shows that the configuration register is located at 0x10F which is strange considering it is different than any other switch I’ve seen. After much googling I found that […]

iPhone ARP Requests Flood LAN

Upon further investigation I realized that no one was getting an IP address even though the links were up between my switches and DHCP server.

Sonicwall Gateway Antivirus Causes Slow Downloads

  HOWTO: Speed up Sonicwall Downloads We found that our Sonicwall would cause all downloads to start very fast, slow down quickly, and eventually stop. This occurred with major corporate download sites. The download went to low KB/s before dying. A download time estimate would indicate hours and days remaining. We discovered that turning off […]

Problems with Hosted Network

Known Personal Area Network / WiFi Sharing problems: Connectify Windows has encountered an error initializing hostednetwork. (CF001006) Virtual Router Error netsh wlan start hostednetwork The hosted network couldn’t be started. A device attached to the system is not functioning. Cause The problem is caused when VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1 / VMnet0 (from VMware […]

Heartbleed Exploit

HeartBleed is a newly found OpenSSL exploit. It has been getting a lot of attention in the last few weeks because it leaves a large security hole on the majority of encrypted websites on the internet. When accessing a secure Server that is using OpenSSL your computer will request a “Heart beat” to verify that […]

TinyGrab: A free alternative to Droplr

Droplr Alternative  Droplr A popular screen-grabbing tool that allows you to quickly take a picture of a selected part of your screen and automatically upload it to the web, allowing you to instantaneously share screenshots with colleagues. However, they recently have removed their free plan. We wanted to explore free alternatives before switching over to […]

Chrome Full Screen Alt-Tab Closes Window


Our computer support team noticed an annoying bug in the latest version of Chrome. When trying to view full screen windows for streaming applications or just in general. Normally when in Full Screen view a Windows user can press Alt-Tab to switch to another window. With the new version of Chrome this causes the Full […]

How to upgrade the firmware on a Sennheiser OfficeRunner

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You can upgrade the firmware using the Sennheiser HeadSetup software that is normally used to connect the OfficeRunner to a softphone such as the 3CX IP PBX softphone.

Google Chat with Pidgin Broken

Problem We recently had some network issues which caused the Pidgin Universal Chat, or Google Chat, client to break. Help at the Pidgin site produced the answer but I thought I’d give the short version here without you having to search through their FAQ as did I. Google Chat Solution Start Pidgin Show Buddy List […]

HOWTO: Export a list with SP

When you try to export a SharePoint list you get an error messages saying it can’t be done. “To export a list, you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application.” Searching this error message easily finds the root of the problem. There is a problem with the Office 64 bit version. It doesn’t work with […]

Windows Remote Host Licensing Mode

Windows Problem Server 2012’s Terminal Server services are proving to be much different than prior versions of windows. The initial remote desktop based roles wizard is easier to use, but making changes after they are installed can be a hassle. A lot of the configuration is done in Server Manager -> Remote Desktop Services -> […]