Speed Test for NAS

Speed Test for NAS

I recently bought a new router (Linksys e3000) that has support for usb hard drives.

NAS Solution:

After setting up the drive and sharing it out on the network I was interested in the read/write speed across the network.  I saw dismal performance with TomatoUSB firmware as well as the Toastman builds so I went back to the stock Cisco firmware.

I don’t trust Windows 7’s built in speed calculations (especially for reads) so I went looking for a free tool to measure the speeds.  Enter parkdale.  This is a free utility that you can point at a drive and tell it to measure the read/write speed with a specified file size.

parkdale2 NAS

Parkdale can be downloaded for free at http://thesz.diecru.eu/content/parkdale.php

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