Password change on Cisco 3550 Switch

While troubleshooting a switch for a client I wanted to change the configuration register of the switch to boot from a different location. The “show version” command shows that the configuration register is located at 0x10F which is strange considering it is different than any other switch I’ve seen. After much googling I found that the Cisco 3550 has a different way of allowing a password change.

Cisco Switches Password Recovery

That link will tell you that, for a 3550, you do the following.

  1. Backup your config
  2. Unplug the switch
  3. Hold the “mode” button down on the front of the device
  4. Plug the switch back in
  5. Release the “mode” button when the port 1 LED goes out

You will then be in “switch:” mode and you can make your changes. Namely changing flash:config.text to flash:config.old

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