Troubleshooting Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (UCSPE)

Cisco UCS Troubleshooting

How to resolve “Error while running VM security tool”, “Please perform re-stamping”, and other problems.

Cisco UCS Solution:

First, the login for UCSPE is config/config

Error while running VM security tool

When activating the VM for the Emulator in vmware Workstation 9 you  receive “Error while running VM security tool”  and “Please perform re-stamping”.

There are two resolution options:

A:  Upgrade the VM to Workstation 8 compatibility.

B:  Login with User config and Password:  config and do a Factory Reset.

NOTE:  Some people say it is fine when it uses DHCP, but shows this error when you change the IP address.  If A and B don’t fix this for you, re-arrange your environment to allow the use of DHCP.

Java Issues

The UCS Emulator will not work with Java 7.  You must install Java 6.

You must disable Java 7 from Control Panel->Java.

If disabling doesn’t work, then uninstall Java 7.

Possibly installing Java 6 first would help, but usually not worth trouble.

Login Error: Read timed out

Restart the UCSPE

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For additional help, visit Cisco’s Support page by clicking on the link below:

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