Citrix XenServer Virtualization


The Citrix XenServer is the Citrix server virtualization solution. This open source-based technology works with both Windows and Linux virtual servers to ensure that your network is up and running at all times.

Each Citrix XenServer virtual machine can run different operating systems and applications and this allows for a much simpler troubleshooting process. With the entry of Citrix into the virtual networking environment we have yet another great option to help you.

Our expert technicians work in a variety of virtual environments but the addition of Citrix really changes the game. XenServer will allow you to transfer to a virtual environment at a reasonable price. If you’ve already got a XenServer environment but just need to change a few settings or update then we can help with that as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re switching to a virtual environment for the first time or if you’re coming from another product. We can help. No question is too small and we’ve seen many problems before so what might take you hours to fix we can handle in minutes.

Don’t waste time when things aren’t right. Call today and we’ll start to work on it right now.


Citrix XenServer is a complete virtualization solution with an open source pedigree.

XenServer works with Linux and Windows virtual environments to ensure your network is running properly.


As with all our other technical training classes, our trained technicians not only teach the class but they work with the tool regularly. This combination of both teaching and application skills makes our XenServer training class perfect for anyone wanting a certification.

Not every business wants to use an IT support company like us. Many times they keep in-house IT support staff and only use our services in emergencies. That’s no problem. We’ll teach you how to use Citrix XenServer.

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer

Citrix – virtualization technology for today

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