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Top Features

  • Router Configuration
  • VLAN Management
  • Call Manager Configuration
  • Unified Communications Configuration

Cisco Systems

Acumen is a proud reseller of Cisco products in the St. Louis region.  We provide configuration and troubleshooting support on a wide array of Cisco products, especially routers, switches, and phone systems.

We’ve installed hundreds of Cisco devices over the years and can help you with your configuration needs.  Routers and switches can go years between configuration changes, and many people forget the complex commands needed to configure Cisco equipment.  When you need help, we can provide the necessary expertise in a timely and expert fashion.

VLAN management can become very complicated, and routing loops are a common problem.  We can help you optimize your network and keep your critical applications running at top speed.

With Cisco Systems products, you are assured the product quality and support is always excellent. We’ll make sure your system is working right the first time and every time.

We believe that by providing superior technology support, even for a single issue, we build relationships. Maybe you only need us this one time. It doesn’t matter! We’ll do the job, and if you never call again, that’s fine. If you like the work we do, we hope you’ll come back for more help. No matter the issue, we’re here for you.

If you’ve got a problem right now, then you should call right now. We’ll get started immediately. When it comes to your network why should you wait to fix it?


Cisco provides an excellent array of routers, from Branch to Network Edge to Service Provider, and we can help you decide which are best for your business.


There are a huge number of Cisco Switches available for you, and we'll help navigate the difficult decisions you face when purchasing this technology.

We can help plan your new system, update your old system, configure your switches for changing business needs, or simply solve a one-time problem.

Unified Communications

If you need Call Control, a Communication Gateway, Telephony extensions, or anything else in the way of communication technology, we're here to help with our Partnership with Cisco.

Are your phones doing what they are supposed to do? Do you even know what modern business phones can do? We do, let us explain.

What Rob Says

Cisco configurations are very complicated. It is important to keep current on this technology. Our experience teaching Cisco equipment for the Air Force has given us a strong background in complex network environment and high security.

CEO Acumen Consulting