Managed Services Provider

Managed Services provide your company with a fixed annual budget for all your IT needs. The rate is based upon the number of computers, servers, and devices. Our professionals know how much time is required to manage your equipment – we create a flat rate contractual budget.

Proactive management, constant system review, and help desk services give you the assurance that your equipment is ready to go and that a full-time IT staff is at your disposal.

Our qualified computer technicians will work with you to evaluate your managed service needs. If you just need emergency services right now, we do that also. Just call or fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you. Acumen is an experienced, high-quality Managed Services Provider. Let us be your next MSP.

Managed Services Benefits

Managed Services

Managed Services and You

Managed services are often the best solution for many companies because it flattens out your IT spending liability. Instead of paying a lot when things go wrong you pay a simple monthly fee for all your needs.

This is extremely helpful in budgeting for your business and ensures you don’t incur disastrously expensive IT support bills at just the wrong time. We will work with you to determine what’s a fair fee for you and your business. Don’t wait. Let’s get to work!

Managed Services Provider


Completed assessments always lead to a clearer picture your managed service status and direction. We work with our clients to find IT solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Our network and systems assessment serves as the foundation on which we make recommendations to you for future upgrades and IT financial budgeting. Our expert technicians guide you through the discovery process and onward.

Network Setup

In order to ensure your network implementation is at the highest possible state we will perform a series of managed service tasks.

* Review Servers
* Review workstations
* Maintain Computer ID and Password List for workstations
* Map each office and computer
* Install, fix, and verify offsite backup
* Install, fix, and verify antivirus system
* Setup and verify firewall security systems

Our managed services technicians will do as much or as little as you think necessary.

Network System Monitoring

It is imperative to monitor networks constantly so as to be able to optimize their configurations. We provide 24/7/365 automated monitoring and recovery services, we can monitor performance, availability and health of servers and networking devices, we manage event tracking and ticketing system, we provide event escalation, and we have 24 emergency on-site services.

It’s best to understand the possible things that can go wrong before they do. That’s why a managed services provider that understands networking monitoring is absolutely vital.

High Frequency Work

Many network services require constant vigilance. We will schedule all network maintenance so that we can quickly provide solutions to your issues.

We will perform a virus status analysis, do Microsoft product updates as needed, perform server and workstation maintenance, review event logs and address any error messages, and always complete detailed service orders for client signatures.

Low Frequency Work

While some services require constant vigilance there are other network issues that only need to be addressed periodically. It’s easy to forget about these low-frequency items but we will schedule all network maintenance so that we can quickly provide solutions to your issues.

* Troubleshoot problem areas
* Provide timely emergency services
* Archive your vital data
* Install software
* Configure your systems
* Configure network users
* Set up user levels and create permission groups
* Set passwords
* Configure email
* Set up email accounts, passwords, and permissions
* Replace computers
* Transfer data
* Update computer history documentation
* Clear out unnecessary files
* Scan disk for optimum performance
* Defragment drives

This is the sort of everyday monotony that gets lost in the hustle of running your business. When you have to make core business decisions then managed services are forgotten. This slow decay always ends badly. Call us today and find out how we can take care of these issues for you.

Specialized Expertise

We have a wide area of specialties and our expert managed services technicians can help with almost any network issue that arises.

We provide system consulting, design and expansion, upgrades and security, new server installations, redundancy systems, industry specific software issues, wireless networks, Virtual Private Network setup, terminal services setup, remote access setup, data recovery, automate business procedures, assessment services, data backup and recovery, and virtualization.

Fixed Budgets

We offer one monthly fee that fits your budget. No more guessing how much you'll have to spend each month.

We analyze each client individually and charge the appropriate monthly fee for their sized business.

When your computer count goes up or down, your bill is automatically adjusted.

Top Features

  • Complete Assessment

  • System Monitoring

  • Specific Action Items

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Friendly Team

  • Flat Monthly Rate